About The BPc

The BPc is an independent small business, based in Hertfordshire since its inception in January 1990.

A backgound in marketing and support within the IT software and systems industry encompassed a range of disciplines, including programming, analysis, user training, documentation, creative writing, graphic design and product launches. The transition to web site design, SEO and marketing strategies was a natural progression. Key people are the founder, Barbara (see Linked-In profile), and technical consultant Chris, who have worked together since 1988.

Clients are mostly within Herts, bordering counties and the London area, although we have clients in Europe and occasionally had work from the USA.  Almost all of our business has expanded as a result of referral from within our customer base. Our clients are mainly small to medium businesses and all have unique requirements – the website is often just the beginning.

Having run a small business for a number of years and assisted clients with aspects of their online image, marketing and on-line strategies, we have the experience to contribute on a number of levels, as required. We work with our client companies as part of the team, managing the projects assigned to us, to achieve a common goal.

For a website review, website advice, design or re-design, optimisation, company branding, internet marketing, social media management, strategies for social media, blog and article writing, SEO consultancy or a range of other SME challenges, try us! Contact info.
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