Free Images. No Fee. No Royalties.

The BPc has the sole rights to a number of images which we are pleased to offer to small businesses or individuals, without cost or compromise. These may be edited and used freely for internet or printing purposes. Help yourself! Attribution or acknowledgement would be nice but is not necessary. We’ll add more images from time to time.

Gallery 1: Sky Images.
Clouds often make great backgrounds. The Blue Sky photograph has been used on a travel blog.

Gallery 2: Flowers, various colours.
If spot colour is needed on a website page or blog, nature often provides.

Gallery 3: Landscapes.
These are great photographs – use them to print your own calendar or greetings cards.

Gallery 4: Lego scenes – gathering – congregation – wedding.
A bit of fun with Lego – these could be great for a blog about life – or make your own!