All-Singing, All-Dancing Website vs Budget

How much should you budget for a website? It depends how important the website is to your business and how hard you want it to work for you. If it’s to be your main marketing or sales resource, you would budget considerably more than if you just need to direct people to it for information purposes. But beware – more expensive is no guarantee of quality or suitability.pound coins

Your Website Budget

Your website directly reflects your ambition for your venture which, in turn, is dependent on available budget. You will need to project the best professional company image you possibly can.

  • Quality is usually better than quantity (unless that’s your market) so start with a small website of ten or even just four pages of good quality content. New pages can be added each month, spreading the cost and keeping the website current.
  • Don’t waste your budget on bells & whistles (unless that’s what you’re selling); for most businesses, it’s better to have a smart, informative website than a busy, flash image site.

Whilst the above statements are good for the majority of small-medium businesses and start-up companies, yours may be the exception and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

  • The budget for an e-commerce site will be significantly greater than the budget for a standard website, as will the amount of effort required to input data, from products to delivery details. In this instance, we’ll introduce you to our e-commerce experienced associate at Professional Solutions for a review of your requirements.
  • At the other end of the scale, if you have virtually no budget for a website but need to establish an internet presence, you could begin with a WordPress blog which could later be migrated to a WordPress-based website; this would provide more flexibility and has greater credence, as well as being indexed properly in search engines.

The majority of CMS websites we design have cost our clients between £475 and £750 but can be more*, depending on the brief and any extras required (prices are subject to VAT). Our clients have expressed their complete satisfaction with our value-for-money service. Further information of our services and fees (and explanation of CMS) can be found in our Website Design section.

*Since the introductions of various directives, the time to develop websites has increased by at least a couple of hours, therefore most business websites cost from £550+