No Budget for a Website

When you budget for a website, the basic costs are: hosting space and a domain name (e.g. plus the time of a website designer.
Other costs are optional.


A good website built by a professional (more about that later) will likely cost you a minimum of £300, which is about a day’s work outside of London. At this price, it will most likely be based on a templated design and you will be able to choose colours, provide a few images and written copy.


Even so, some startups need to organise their cash-flow and will either pick a d-i-y website package or use a company who will accept monthly payments over a year or two.


If you have to start off by cutting the budget, the better way is to have a professional create a ‘bare bones’ CMS website (e.g. a WordPress theme) that can be added to later. A huge benefit is that you have access to the web designer’s experience as well as skills, enabling you to avoid pitfalls. Additionally, the time you spend on building a website is better spent on your core business.

Of course, you need to ensure that you find a knowledgeable, competent and helpful website professional and it is your responsibility to ask the right questions. Those questions should include references to on-page SEO and inclusion of Google Analytics tracker code. It doesn’t matter if you are not ready to use Analytics now but visitor trends and other data will be recorded which will be useful a few months down the line.

The BPc usually provides tailored solutions to clients which cost from £450+vat but we are working on a project with another website company which will enable us to provide a cost-effective professional website service for start-ups. We hope to make a further announcement in the new year.