Scheduling Posts: Blogs, Facebook, etc.

Business owners are often best placed to write about their company, their products and interesting news but they rarely find the time. Many business owners consider social media to be a necessary evil at best and, at worst, a total waste of time. This is a niche area where The BPc is able to work with companies who have no time or little expertise in promoting themselves via social media. For the few who are willing to give the power of social media a try, here is a brief overview of the importance of scheduling.

  • an interesting blog  post will be indexed by search engines, attracting followers and more visitors
  • a blog is an easy way of providing topical interests with links to relevant product or service information
  • regular posts will attract more regular visits – by visitors and ‘spider-bots’ – don’t let them down!
  • more content and more visitors leads to improved Google results

Similarly, scheduling social meda posts will attract followers and re-posts and new visitors to your website. Posting also keeps your company name in front of people who may otherwise forget all about you.

Scheduling Posts

Blog Posts in WordPress or Google’s Blogger can be scheduled to publish on set dates and times. This means that they can be written at any time when ideas are flowing and set to publish at regular intervals.

Facebook enables a business to set up a Facebook Business Page. You are then able to schedule several posts in advance. This means that you could undertake this task outside your normal business hours, when you may have more time or fewer interruptions. Twitter has not yet enabled a scheduling feature except for their Ads clients, although it is available via Tweetdeck – and now you can include images with your scheduled posts .

If you are managing more than two forms of social media, you will probably benefit from a third party application. Which one will depend on your requirements, budget and which social media services are important for you to schedule posts to. Scheduling tools are evolving all the time.  We have been using Hootsuite on behalf of some clients, which allows bulk uploads from spreadsheets.

Social Media Analysis

We’ve gathered information from three of our clients’ analytics and can confirm that, overall, the best-performing social media for links to websites in the past year have been from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & Google+.

For this analysis, we selected clients who have regular activity on various forms of social media. Over this year, Facebook was the best performing social media tool for two of the selected clients and the other client had better results from Twitter. By contrast, taking only the last six weeks into account, one client had best results from Google+ (followed by Pinterest, then Facebook) and no results at all from Twitter, illustrating that a company should take advantage of all social media to maximise their reach. A small number of other visitors to those websites came via StumbleUpon and Linked-In.

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