Images & Video Footage Editing


Clients often supply photographs and sometimes video footage that they have taken themselves, together with written content. These may be for use on a new website, news updates or for social media.

Images for Websites

The finished width of a banner image will be in the region of 2000 pixels, therefore photographs of a higher resolution should be supplied. We will be able to ensure they are properly aligned (e.g. the horizon is horizontal), crop and resize to suit the website – included our quotation. Other image editing services are available but will be chargeable at an hourly rate. Note that the image rights will remain with the client.

Video Footage

Clients usually send footage from a smartphone, mostly iPhone which can be edited in iMovie. We also have a couple of other video editing software packages that we can use for various effects.
General Tips for shooting video on a smartphone for use on your website:

  • Please use the camera in landscape (sideways) mode;
  • Keep the camera still and allow the filmed action to do the moving;
  • Avoid off-screen commentary (this can be added afterwards).

Of course, there will be exceptions to the above but these tips cover more than 80% of small to medium business website videos. Voice-overs or music are best added during editing. It is also useful to have sub-titles running through the video, as many viewers will have the sound off, e.g. at work.

Alternative sources for Images and Short Video Footage

Not everyone can supply exclusive photographs or images. We have access to a number of Free Sources that may be able to satisfy some needs. If local clients require us to take photographs or video footage, we are happy to send an experienced person or team to shoot a set of original visuals. Our rates are very competitive.

Editing Video Footage
If you require photo or video assistance, Contact us.