Where to find Odd Characters using your PC Keyboard

If you switch between a smart phone, ipad and various PC software applications, nothing is ever in the same place. For example, if you are typing a Facebook post or tweeting, where can you easily find fractions, musical notes or non-standard English letters?


Many of these have been available via the use of the <Alt> key on your keyboard for years, decades, possibly before you were born. We’ve included a list of popular ones in this post. Hold the <Alt> key down with your left hand and use the number pad with your right hand to try each of the following:


<Alt>0188 =¼

<Alt>0189 = ½

<Alt>0190 = ¾

Et voilà – you have basic fractions!


To create some of the “foreign” vowels, use the following:

<Alt>0224/5/6 (etc.) = à / á / â (etc.)

<Alt>0230 = æ

<Alt>0156 = œ

<Alt>0232/3/4 (etc.) = è / é / ê (etc.)


Some other interesting <Alt> key combinations are:

<Alt>0153 = ™ trademark

<Alt>0169 = © copyright – for when (c) doesn’t work

<Alt>0162 = ¢ – cent

<Alt>0165 = ¥ – Yen

Smiley face <Alt>1 & <Alt>2 ☺ & ☻


Musical symbols can be found with <Alt>13 ♪ and <Alt>14 ♫

<Alt>3/4/5/6 = ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

<Alt>7 = • random bullet point

<Alt>16 / 17 = ► ◄  and <Alt>30 / 31 = ▲ ▼


There are loads more so feel free to try them and make a note of your favourites using MicroSoft Windows Sticky Notes, if available, so they are permanently visible on your screen – or just keep a permanent link to this post ☺!