Quest for Excellence


Quest for Excellence has experience of introducing outstanding customer service to businesses with an already good reputation and an aspiration to be the best in their field.

Working with one of the most-loved brands, the company’s founder and Managing Director, Martin Lee, has had a working relationship with the world-renowned Disney Institute since 2008. Their clients also include: Ness Botanic Gardens; Chester Zoo; National Trust; L’Oreal; Timpsons; Metro Bank, M&S Money and the Rugby League World Cup.

Applying  three distinct phases: ‘Discovery’, ‘Development’ then ‘Implementation’, the consulting team works with individual companies to increase their customer service excellence:

  • ‘Discovery’ is a thorough analysis of your business, looking at: leadership, employee and customer relationships. Quest for Excellence uses structured surveys, developed over 10 years.
  • ‘Development’ involves a series of bespoke, fully interactive seminars covering areas Leadership Excellence, Collaborative Leadership and Outstanding Customer Service.
  • ‘Implementation’ varies, based on the outcomes and ideas which emerge from the first two phases.

Full details are on the Quest for Excellence website, together with case studies.