Signcraft is a long-established family run business in West London. The BPc has worked with the company for a number of years, optimising their old website and managing social media. In 2018, when Signcraft decided to revamp their image, their design department produced a new logo and briefed The BPc on the look and feel of a new website.

The Signcraft teams specialise in all aspects of signage from small jobs to large projects, which they design, print and deliver or erect throughout the country. They supplied a plethora of images and we we included some of these in galleries on the website. There are carefully selected photographs on the Home page, used in the full-width slider and as static images below, for quick links to futher information. Additionally, the website offers a search facility and a time-saving signage order form for regular clients’ use.

With a variety of solutions, ease of navigation and a clean and clear presentation was paramount during our design process. Our speciality is value-for-money. professional website design and development. Unusual printing projects are Signcraft’s speciality: film studio printing, vehicle wraps, building wraps, monoliths, hoardings, lighting, retail (internal and external), way-finding signage and a whole lot more.

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