SunSeeker Roller Shutters


To complement their range of doors and windows, SunSeeker Doors now supplies made-to-measure Roller Shutters, both to their glass doors clients and to other potential customers.

Roller Shutters are made from insulated slats of aluminium (available in a range of colours) and are opened and closed with a switch operated electric motor. They provide additional security as well as privacy.

The roller-shutters are for domestic homes, not heavy duty commercial use, and are manufactured to order. They are the latest trend for remote or un-overlooked property, and are increasingly being installed on lock-up-and-leave properties, where owners are out at work all day.

The SunSeeker logo includes an orange circle, representing the sun. The client suggested that an eclipsed sun could be used for the Roller-Shutters logo as, when fully closed, the light outside is fully eclipsed. We created the required artwork and began the website design, incorporating an image of the product as a background to the page header. The BPc is pleased to have been working with this client for almost ten years.

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