Ugley Village Hall

This was a lovely project, building a website for Ugley Village Hall.

There were specific requirements to consider. The website has to be easy for visitors to browse and for non-technical committee members to update website content. Obviously, we provided training and support to key members of the committee.

We included a Google calendar, inventory and bookings tables, which complicated the building process, plus a host of other features such as site search and contact forms.

A walk-through video, as well as the photograph gallery of Ugley Village Hall, gives potential hirers a good idea of whether it’s a suitable venue for their event. We also found a couple of related videos about the area, which have been included in the News section.

Ugley Village is in Essex, near the M11 motorway, easily accessible from Stanstead airport for overseas visitors to fly in for a special event at the hall. Their regular bookings include various activities and a Farmers’ Market.

Website link: Ugley Village Hall