The Welwyn Festival

The Welwyn Festival has been arranging the week-long village events for more than forty years. The BPc created their first website in 2002 and provided full support and maintenance until 2009. At this point, to enable ease of updating by members of the committee, the domain name was pointed directly to a blog, which was updated with posts and links to photographs in various social media galleries.

In 2014, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Welwyn Festival group, it was decided to ask The BPc to build a new website that could be updated by the more technically aware younger members of the group. After a number of meetings to determine what was needed, The BPc and Professional Solutions colluded in developing the basic structure, using WordPress Content Management System.

The new website was launched in time for the 2015 festival week in June. The co-developers are continuing to tweak the website and provide support to members of the group who wish to update information related to the events they are involved in. As with all voluntary organisations, the skill sets and availability of volunteers can vary. We therefore closely monitor activities throughout the busiest weeks and provide whatever support is needed.

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