Video Film / Editing Services

The BPc has filmed short demo videos for locally-based clients since 2013. More recently, we began to offer video editing services to all clients and prospective clients.

Video Editing

Rather than budget for a day of film crew and equipment, some business videos can be adequately filmed on a smartphone or camera. Practice makes perfect so plan a few rehearsals. Even so, you will probably need to record the whole video a minimum of three times. However many copies you have, we will use the ‘best bits’ to create your video. It will be concise and informative; it may include subtitles (because the majority of business viewers have the sound low or off) and it can also incorporate an intro, end info (e.g. company/product name, website address, telephone number, etc.) and your company logo. We will also include images throughout, if this will help deliver your message.

To date, we have specialised in two types of video: product demonstations and information

The videos below were created/edited by The BPc for clients.


The first is an animation we created, the others were filmed with a standard camera. We have also shot footage with an iphone.  Whether you want us to direct a film, shoot or just edit your supplied footage, contact us.