WEBSITE Design & Build

We usually* recommend to most of our clients that WordPress is the best tool for website design and build. It is a Content Management System (CMS) that enables website owners to update and optimise their own page content.  Active website-owners can renew content regularly without having to pay for code changes by web designers/programmers.

CMS Website Options

To set up a WordPress website requires experience and expertise. Once set up, it enables you or your appointed website administrator to edit or add content – words, links, images, videos, ‘meta’ data (for search engines) – quickly and easily, when you want to.

pc clipartYour website design will probably need at least three pages: home/about, legal compliance and products or services. You may also wish to consider: news, blog, testimonials, links, more detailed products or services, payments, delivery, terms of business, etc. WordPress websites can be set up to sell products and/or services and enabled to process payments via a secure server.

*If you need a full e-commerce shop, we will suggest WordPress with WooCommerce. This takes more effort to set up and therefore will cost more than just a website. If you plan to set up and manage an on-line shopping store with numerous items, it is essential to get the groundwork in place: p&p/delivery algorithms, re-ordering levels, discount schemes, etc. . You will have access to customer files, sales/no-sales, loyalty schemes and other useful shop management features.

Associated Costs

Websites need a domain name.  Prices vary from under £10 a year, depending on whether you want or .eu or .com or others. The site also needs to be hosted and this could cost from £50 each year. (All plus VAT). We can offer alternative options if you are not yet ready for a website but would like on-line internet presence for a very low budget (see below).

Website Options and Pricing

  • A WordPress CMS website, from £390+vat*
  • including: basic SEO tools and 30 days support
  • optional: content writing and optimisation
  • optional: £60+vat website-specific training
  • optional: bells & whistles*
  • An internet presence (Blogger/WordPress) from £75+vat
  • A full e-commerce site, from £850+vat
  • Custom sites, POA

*Before commencement, we’ll discuss options with you. Our ‘from’ prices are for our small budget service – a professional website of approximately four pages based on a choice of free standard themes with client-provided written content and web-ready images. If your budget allows, we can research, write and optimise content, source photographs and images, set up social media and include as many pages as required. As a guide, a fresh but straightforward ten page website with optimised content may typically cost in the region of £550+vat to £950+vat. However,  depending on specific requirements,  prices can be two or three times that cost. We will provide a quotation guide following our initial discussions before either party commits.

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Please note that your website will be in competition with millions of others. We can help you optimise your website content and we offer on-going Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services for small budgets, tailored to your requirements.

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