Creating Your Website Content

Before our initial discussion, we suggest that you browse the internet for website design ideas, define the main goals for your website and then list some keywords (phrases of 2 or 3 words) that describe your business and are likely to be used by people searching for your products or services.

Creating Website Content.

Working Together for Optimum Results… Some clients like to write their own content, others prefer to provide notes and have us write the basic content for their amendment and/or approval.

  • Starting with the detail pages (one page should cover a specific subject) allocate primary and additional keywords to each page.
  • Ensure that the primary keyword is included in the page titles and all keywords are included naturally in the 300+ words of written content.
  • Include sub-headings, where possible, to group similar information so that it is easier to follow.
  • Using the most important points from the detail pages, create content for the higher level page with links back to the detail pages.
  • Select at least one image to use on each page. You must have the right to use these images.

Optimisation and Navigation.

SEO tools will help optimise the content for keywords during the writing process. Once the detailed information is in place, it is easy to organise menu navigation. Once you are happy with the website content, we’ll use internal page links, as appropriate, to lead visitors to further information. Behind the scenes, we’ll ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, includes Google Analytics and that there is a Sitemap file for search engines.

  • SEO tools are included with your delivered WordPress website
  • You may want to consider The BPc’s on-going SEO services
  • No time to for Twitter (or just hate it)? We’ll manage social media for you
  • We offer Training and Support for SEO, social media and WordPress updates

webPlease note that we conform to Google Webmaster Guidelines when building your website and endeavour to keep your site legally compliant with the EU Cookie directive, advertising standards and equality (disability) laws.

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