How to choose a website company

There are two aspects to your website. Simply put, they are the bits you see (website design) and the bits you don’t (optimisation or SEO).

SEO or a New Website?

A website has to appeal both to humans and search engines. Developed properly, content that is well presented and of interest to people will also be good for the leading search engines. There are a few extra recommendations to complete the optimisation, such as meta-data and relevant navigation links within the text. An existing site may not be performing to its full potential if it  hasn’t been properly optimised, recently optimised or updated in recent years. However, it is usually possible to make improvements – please continue to our SEO/Optimisation information.

If you are looking to have your website replaced or a new one created, you need to know what will be delivered. It’s OK to use a designer that doesn’t offer an optimisation service as long as they are willing to work with someone who does. The SEO, content and design pages contain the information you need before making your decisions: Choosing a Website Design and Creating Website content.

At The BPc, we focus strongly on delivering a quality service to small and medium-sized businesses. Whilst we will manage all aspects for you, we are equally happy to assist and guide clients who prefer to manage their own websites and internet presence. Please visit the following links for further information:

for better visibility in searches (SEO)

  • What SEO is included and what else is there?
  • Keeping content fresh (news, testimonials, blog posts)
  • Social Media Management (SMM): Twitter, FaceBook, Google+ etc.

content you can update in-house

  • Be in control – the ability to update your own content.
  • Costs and extras – hosting, domain name, images, animations, what else?
  • Do you need an e-commerce shop?

website gallery linkYour site may not need a re-vamp, just refreshing with some content and meta-data optimisation and links. If your website is old or failing for other reasons, though, it may be the perfect opportunity to make a whole load of improvements – get some quotes for both options, then decide.

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