Website Visibility

As a smaller business with a moderate budget, especially if your website isn’t already well established in Google’s index, your website may be virtually invisible to your target audience.

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

AnalyticsWhat it is… You may be aware of the term SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – which applies to the structure, code and content of your website plus its ‘popularity’. In addition, search engine giant Google uses algorithms to rank websites by number and quality of incoming links, visitor numbers and behaviours, e.g. ‘stickiness’.

Why it’s important... Millions of websites are vying for attention. You need to be be found in top search results for relevant keywords. There have been many attempts to find short-cuts to the top of search engine results and Google constantly strives to identify and punish these sites. The best long term solution is to be honest with yourself and your target audience. We can help you write content for your website. This practice is usually referred to as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

SMM: Social Media Marketing/Management

Social Media has become increasingly important in terms of website promotion as it can bring new visitors to your website, thus increasing its popularity (refer to SEO, above). Your social media can be managed by us if you don’t have the time yourself. It can include regular short posts to Twitter, Facebook and other social media and longer posts to your blog. We also post occasional links to your news on The BPc blogging and social media sites.

How we can help... Our SEO services are tailored for each client, based on budget and priorities. It may include a mix of website optimisation social media and other Digital Marketing strategies. Some clients ask us to update their websites and social media because they don’t have the time or resources, whereas others want to manage all aspects themselves and use The BPc for ad-hoc consultancy and support.
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At The BPc, we are very aware of the importance of SEO and we include basic easy-to-use tools with our delivered websites. You may have some or all of these facilities already – we can probably tell you. We also provide SEO services for all websites, not just ones we create – see The BPc’s business services and fees.