Review of Your Website Status

Before we begin, it’s best to know where we’re starting from and where we want to go, as there are many aspects to the review. Usually, clients’ requirements are the same in one respect – to improve the website ranking for specific keywords in Google searches. Other requirements tend to vary.

Initial (often free) Review

Our initial review will include a look at the home page and one or more other pages, as a ‘typical’ user browsing the website, noting the ease of navigation, design, etc.. We usually look a bit more in-depth at the home page source code for a number of details, e.g. meta data, analytics tracking code. At this stage, we will write a brief summary of our findings – and ask some questions. To this point, if up to an hour has been spent on the review, there is usually no fee charged.

Detailed Analysis and Report

The main focus of the further research will depend on each client’s priorities. If a more detailed analysis is required, this may take from a couple of hours to half a day (or more, but we cap our chargeable fee). The review is likely to cover:

  • website appeal
  • mobile ‘friendliness’
  • website architecture for going forward
  • website content, in line with Google’s SEO guidelines
  • meta data, in line with Google’s SEO guidelines
  • inclusion of Google analytics tracking code
  • inclusion of sitemap file for search engines
  • review of external links
  • review of social media activity

The report will also include suggestions and recommendations for going forward. If access to Google tools is permitted, the results of our research will provide greater insight. If required, we will also review your Adwords performance.

Ready to Move Forward

webThis is the starting point to move forward. For some clients, very few changes may be required, others  may be best advised to start over. The information provided should enable the website owner to make improvements where needed, to the website design and/or optimisation and/or social media, etc..

If you would like The BPc to help you further, please let us know.