Social Media Management

Social media plays a significant role in today’s business strategies, offering opportunities for engaging with clients and supporters who may then increase your reach to others. Popular examples are Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest, Linked-In, YouTube, Google+ and blog writing.

Twitter is known to be the most effective form of social media for most businesses – you can tweet from a Linked-In account and FaceBook business page and share tweets from Pinterest and YouTube.  As a result of Google’s relentless promotion of Google+ its use is also growing.  Depending on your business type, you may need to explore more areas of social media or just focus on regular updates of blogs and tweets.

A WordPress CMS website will include a blog facility. An alternative is to use an off-site WordPress or Google blog that can provide useful information to visitors and also feed news through to your website. Regular updates keep website content fresh and reassures visitors and search engines that your business is thriving and not stagnant. Blogs can be used for news and/or industry comments that can be added and edited directly by you.

Social Media Management by The BPc

webWe will manage or supplement your social media activity, posting to social media accounts for clients, mostly via Tweetdeck, clients’ Hootsuite accounts or as Facebook Page ‘Admins’.

We regularly write blog posts for our busy clients. These can easily be reviewed and updated by clients who have the time (we will show you how, if you’d like us to). The BPc has a couple of long-running off-site blogs at Google blogger/blogspot, in addition to the more recent business blog posts on this website.